I recently came across this Christian website which gives a rather garbled account of a fictitious link between Reiki and occult practice.  I read on inspite of myself simply because I had to find out why Reiki is so vilified by the Catholic Church, even when the prejudice and vilification inherent in this article is so at odds with Christian teachings.  My comments follow the link herebelow:

What You Should Know About Reiki


It is wrong and misleading to link Reiki healing with occult practice. What is not understood must not be vilified in order to fit neatly into a pigeon hole. Misconception and prejudice is as much a sin as the practice of the dark arts themselves. A Reiki practitioner (not a Reikian, please note!) does not invoke the aid of an evil spirit, simply because the basis of this healing is unconditional LOVE. Love canNOT hail from demonic powers; only from God and the spirits of good he may choose to use as his representatives. These are the spirit guides referred to in this virulent missive above. Reiki energy is universal energy – a pure healing energy that was created by God Himself and is everywhere around us. Reiki attunements open the main chakras of the body of the practitioner to allow him / her to channel this universal energy from God to wherever healing is needed. The intent is enough to channel the energy to its proper destination. Distance is irrelevant because energy from God is everywhere. It is not permissable to give or send Reiki to anybody without their consent. Hence, all this scaremongering, designated to quash any practices which aren’t Christian, is contemptible.

Occult practice, inversely, is aimed at manipulation and domination over someone else. Evil or dark spirits are invoked to attain such negative goals. The dark arts are usually done without a person’s consent, and the intent is to coerce a behaviour against a person’s free will. Love is NOT at the root of this practice; only greed, selfishness, lust, or any one of the deadly sins. Where, then, is the similarity between Reiki and witchcraft?!

I myself am a Reiki Master Teacher and have been practising Reiki for the last 13 years. I have seen the miracle of Reiki healing with my own eyes. I’ve experienced the benefits of Reiki in my own life, in that negative and harmful influences are systematically removed from my path even when I did not actively seek their removal. I did not pay thousands of dollars to become a Reiki Master. Neither have I ever charged a single penny to help others. I am a healer only with the power of God, but I cannot tell God how to heal, nor can I compel Him to heal anyone if it is not His wish to do so. This is why we practitioners are only “channels”. The healing does not come from us but from God.

Yes, Reiki is a spiritual healing. But it is not spiritually confined to a particular religion or spiritism. Reiki is universal. It will respond to any person according to his or her personal beliefs. It does not recognise a particular religion as supreme over another, nor is it hampered by prejudice, such as has been exercised here on this website. It cannot be emphasised enough, that Reiki is a NEUTRAL natural healing method. If a Christian feels better by mentioning the name of Jesus Christ when he performs a healing session, then this is acceptable too. But to denigrate it as an occult practice is simply beyond the pale. This kind of reasoning is what creates hatred and division in the world and so it is wrong! God Himself is love and so any intention connected with love is acceptable to Him whether it comes with the intercession of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, or any other holy entity not related to Christianity.

Lastly, it is erroneous for us Christians to single ourselves out in the path to righteousness. There are holy people all over the world of other denominations who may be equally as righteous as we are. There is only one God and He loves us all equally, no matter if we are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Buddhists or Hindus, or even not associated with any particular religious creed at all. So who are we as Christians to claim supremacy over others? To my mind, that is one of the most unChristian thoughts!

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